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SMSCom 4.5 Amp Twin Fan Speed Controller Mk2

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SMSCom 4.5-Amp Twin Mk2 - Fan Speed Temperature Controller

The Mk2 SMSCom Twin Fan Speed Temperature Controller is a slender and compact version of the ever-popular SMSCom Twin. Not only that, it's also cheaper and comes with an IEC power cable and socket, making it easier to switch to longer cables if required. The most popular model in the range just got even better!

  • SMSCom – Great quality and value-for-money
  • The MK2 (latest) version of the most popular model in the range!
  • Gives great control over your garden air temperature
  • Controls the speed of both an intake fan and an outlet fan
  • Maintains a user-set temperature in your grow-room via an external temperature sensor
  • Allows the user to set a minimum fan speed to ensure adequate air exchange even at low temps
  • Maximum fan speed setting – great for using oversized fans
  • Supplies 2 outputs up to 510 Watts (2.25 Amps) each

SMSCom 4.5-Amp Twin Mk2 Contains:

1 x Smscom 4.5-Amp Twin Fan Speed Temperature Controller MK2, 1 x 90cm power cable (IEC), 1 x spare fuse

How the SMSCom 4.5-Amp Twin Mk2 Works:

This is the MK2 version of the SMSCom Twin - the most popular model in the SMSCom range. It has all of the features that made the original such a storming success, regulating intake and extractor fans according to room temperatures. This version, however, is much more compact taking up only 50% of the space of the original!

This unit has two sockets on the front (one for your intake and one for your extraction) and 3 controller knobs. The first control allows the user to set a minimum fan speed. This allows the user to set the lowest fan speed required for adequate air exchange in the garden space. The second control on the SMSCom Twin Fan Speed Temperature Controller allows the user to set the desired temperature to be maintained. The third controller knob allows you to set the maximum fan speed. This is particularly useful when using oversized duct fans. If your fan is larger than required for the size of the grow area, you may not want it to kick in at full speed – using the maximum fan speed knob will ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Using the SMSCom 4.5-Amp Twin Mk2:

Plug your inlet fan into the left-hand socket. Plug your outlet fan into the right-hand socket marked "FAN AIR OUT".

Locate the temperature sensor in an appropriate place in the grow-room. A good place is usually in the centre of the room at roughly the same height as the tops of your plants, but away from direct light.

Set the desired minimum fan speed, room temperature and maximum fan speed using the dials on the front of the Smscom Twin Fan Speed Temperature Controller. The unit can now be plugged in to switch it on.

Remember that the minimum fan speed that you set on the front of the SMSCom Twin Fan Speed Temperature Controller always needs to be high enough to remove adequate amounts of stale air from your grow space, even when the room is cold. If the fan speed is too low, there may not be enough fresh air exchange to replenish CO2 for optimal plant growth. Also, having your fan speed too low may not keep the humidity down enough for good plant growth and to reduce the chances of mould or rot during flowering.

The Smscom twin fan speed temperature controller can adjust the speed of fans with a maximum power consumption of 510 Watts (current draw of 2.25 Amps) each. However, it should never be used to control the speed of circulation type fans which generally have their own speed control. Using the Smscom twin fan speed temperature controller to control a circulation fan will invariably burn out the controller or the fan itself.

All SMSCom products come with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty starting from the date purchased. The warranty consists of a 1-year direct replacement term and a further 4-year warranty on repairs, which you can take advantage of by visiting the SMSCom website. To receive the full term of your warranty, you must be able to provide proof of purchase.