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Mission Controls Twin Fan Speed Controller 4.5A


Set target room temperature and the TwinFan™ Temperature Controller will make predictive changes to intake and outtake fan speed to maintain the set temperature. Xtra Fan-Speed™ and Night-Pulse™ ensure optimal atmospheric conditions for a healthy growing environment.


  • Controls up to 2 fans
  • Fixed Temperature Sensor NTC 3m
  • Fixed Night-Pulse™ Sensor LDR 3m
  • Integral Wall Mount
  • Power Lead 3m
  • CE Certified
  • 2-year warranty


  • ENVIRO-SENSE™ - Software controlled temperature monitoring. Detects changes in room conditions and reacts quickly by adjusting fans to maintain temperature.
  • FLUID-MOTION™ - Dynamic fan speed control. Smooth and fluid fan movement delivers accurate results whilst limiting unnecessary fan noise.
  • OPTIMIZED-AIRFLOW™ - Synchronisation of fans for perfectly balanced airflow with no risk of air pressure loss, day or night.
  • XTRA FAN-SPEED™ - Adjust for negative pressure when airflow becomes unbalanced through incorrect fan pairing or duct inefficiencies
  • NIGHT-PULSE™ - Night-Pulse™ Humidity Control improves night-time conditions by allowing the room to ‘breath’ during the dark cycle. Gentle air changes at night, keeps the air fresh and maintains a healthy growing environment.


  • 4.5A
  • 1000W


  • Twinfan™ Temperature Controller
  • Temperature Sensor NTC 3m
  • Night-Pulse Sensor LDR 3m
  • Integrated Wall Mount
  • Power Lead 3m