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Hobby120 Starter Kit


Southcoast Hydroponics is proud to offer the Hobby120 starter kit. In our opinion, this is the best hydroponics starter kit on the market. We've researched other kits available and they aren't quite up to par when it comes to value for money, expected reliability and the potential results. The folowing kit contains everything a hobbyist needs to begin their hydroponics journey and get off the the best start possible.

The Hobby120 kit includes:

  • Grow Tent (W: 1.2m x L: 1.2m x H: 2m)
  • 600W Digital Light Kit (Comet Digital Ballast, Parlux 600W Dual Spectrum Bulb, Euro Wing Reflector)
  • 4" Red Scorpion Inline Fan
  • 4" Red Scorpion Carbon Filter
  • 4" x 10m Aluminium Ducting
  • Heavy Duty Timer
  • Prohangers (48kg carry capacity) x2
  • Lighthanger (5kg carry capacity)
  • Fan Speed Controller
  • pH Tester Kit
  • Plagron Coco Coir Growing Medium (50L)
  • 11L Fabric Pots x4
  • Saucers (for pots) x4
  • Jubilee Clamps x2
  • Mylar Tape (1m)
  • Floramax Vegflora A+B Base Nutrients (Suitable for growth and bloom phase)