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Growth Technology pH Down


The traditional agents of pH control

We have a full range of control solutions, essential in the proper management of nutrients in hydroponic systems.

We source the purest and most concentrated pH additives available.

  • Bottled in black and red – the internationally accepted packaging colours for aggressive liquids.

  • Full compliance with all health and safety regulations.

pH DOWN contains orthophosphoric acid (H3PO4).

The concentration is 81%, which is very strong so handle with care.

Some other products on the market are considerably weaker so check the concentration before you buy.

This is a very dense liquid and should feel much heavier than water.

Health & Safety

These liquids need safe and careful handling

  • Always wear gloves and eye protection when handling aggressive liquids

  • Always store in locked cupboards


  • pH DOWN should be diluted before use – ask for the Growth Technology leaflet on pH and Conductivity.

Pipettes available here