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Notice: Online purhcases are not currently available. Please visit the store in person for purchases.
Notice: Online purhcases are not currently available. Please visit the store in person for purchases.

FloraMax VegFlora A+B


VegaFlora A+B is a professional 2-part nutrient designed to meet the demands of commercial cropping in either hydroponics, soil or coco coir.

  • Highly pH buffered, balanced and contains no unnecessary ingredients. This ensures better flavors, less nutrient lockout, and ensures the nutrient ‘runs’ clear with minimal salt build-up (scale) in drippers, plumbing, reservoirs, etc.

  • Very simple to use. No tedious dosing procedures – there is no waiting, simply measure, pour then stir – and will not clog drippers. For soil and coco, no pH adjustment is required in most waters. In hydro, growers will noticeably use about FIVE times ‘less’ pH Down than normal during bloom. 

  • Contains premium grade ingredients including fully chelated trace metals such as Iron DTPA and Iron EDDHA. 

  • It has a single A+B formula for seed-to-harvest nutrition. This is less confusing and more convenient than using separate grow and bloom formulations. Also, unlike similar products, VegaFlora A+B provides solid performance throughout both veg and flower. 

  • Dosage 1.5-3.5ml/L (5.5-13 ml/Gal) | Available in: 1L // 5L // 20L

FloraMax product development capabilities are backed by over 50 years of experience as analytical chemists in horticulture and 25 years as hydroponic nutrient chemists. One of their greatest achievements is ensuring that the full FloraMax nutrient line-up works together so that you experience a true expression of the plant’s genetic profile, not the nutrient inputs! This achievement could only result from unbiased and laborious field testing combined with rigorous crop trials and feedback from over 50 industry professionals. You can be confident growing with FloraMax VegaFlora. Utilising only the highest grade of ingredients available for plant nutrient products. Also, every batch of FloraMax is manufactured by their in-house senior chemist and quality tested before being bottled. FloraMax products boast extra long shelf-life, typically at least 3-5 years, which ensures every bottle performs to specification. Growers can be confident of achieving consistent yields from crop-to-crop.