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FloraMax Silica


FloraMax Silica is for preventing limp growth and fruit rot. Fast growing plants are often susceptible to leaf wilt and fruit rot especially when exposed to heat from HID lamps. FloraMax Silica produces unique benefits:

  • Improves the rigidity of stems and leaves 

  • Prevents leaf wilt during extreme heat 

  • Increases weight and shelf-life of fruit 

  • FloraMax Silica is highly stable and concentrated, and is readily absorbed by plants. 

  • Dosage 0.1ml/L (0.25ml/Gal) | Available in: 1L

Silica, known chemically as silicon dioxide (SiO2), is the chemical form that silicon (Si) adopts in aqueous solution. Silica is NOT the same as silicon. Silicon is the stuff computer chips and car polishes are made from. Heat stress with HID lighting: FloraMax Silica is very effective for combating leaf wilt during summer heat. Prevention treatment is best done by applying Silica as a foliar spray. This typically allows plants to endure ambient grow room temperatures upwards of 40 deg C (104 deg F). Foliage remains rigid and turgid so that photosynthesis can continue unaffected. 

“We never grow without Silica. It gives us consistency all year round. Weight and potency are improved and are reliable from crop to crop”

“The plants are much stronger... more resistant to diseases and rot... able to withstand the shock of higher growroom temperatures AND STILL DELIVER formidable results”