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FloraMax Root-XS


FloraMax Root-XS helps accelerate root growth to assist rapid plant development through all stages of growth. Minimizes transplant stress and helps promote faster crop rotation. Ensures new root ‘hairs’ that are strong and healthy and produces greener, healthier foliage and fruits with less signs of stress. Ensures maximum nutrient uptake throughout all plant stages.

  • Minimizes transplant stress and guarantees rapid and ‘stable’ plant growth through all stages from seed to harvest. 

  • Plants can be pushed harder enabling faster crop rotation. 

  • Produces greener, healthier foliage and fruits with less signs of stress. 

  • Root-XS does not contain PGR’s or induce foul residues in the reservoir. 

  • Can be used as both a root feed and foliar spray. 

  • Dosage 0.5-2ml/L (2-7.5 ml/Gal) | Available in: 1L // 5L

Successful growers are well aware that a large and healthy root mass is fundamental for delivering consistently high yields. Root-XS has a unique ability to deliver a thicker, denser root mat with the notable outcome of “transition-less” growth and faster crop speed. Impressively, this has been achieved without incorporating toxic PGR’s, or substances that create a horrible mess in the grow system. 

“There have been no set backs at all and I have never seen such steady growth. No stalling. No burning. No setbacks. Even height gain, regardless of variety.” “Daily there is clear growth and at this rate I’m at least 3 or 4 days ahead of my normal program...the results for consistency and growth have been excellent.”