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FloraMax Resin-XS


Enhances resin and oil content, fruit weight, potency and taste 

  • Improves trichome population, resin and essential oil output. 

  • Aids photosynthesis to improve sugar content, taste and higher fruit weight.
  • Improves the ability of plants to absorb water and other nutrients. 

  • Resin-XS is a specialized flowering additive for use with PK additives. It does not contain any PGR’s, toxic substances or induce foul residues in the reservoir. 

  • Dosage 2ml/L (7.5 ml/Gal) | Available in: 1L // 5L

Resin-XS was designed to meet the critical demands of growers wanting larger and more potent yields. Over the 2 years of final testing and commissioning, there was no other additive able to compete in terms of both volume and mass yield, flavor, cleanliness and ease-of-use. The niche ingredients used in Resin-XS were proven to be uniquely stable thereby resulting in greater reliability and consistency for growers.

“At the start of the week I thought really nice, everything is producing…then that week it just got huge…best ever. Its amazing, already the overall production is fantastic”.

“When the trichomes pushed out there was easily a third more than normal”.

“The Resin-XS goes well with everything, nice balance in the barrel and now just the most amazing forest green and in 100 percent blooming health. The touch is fantastic, the smell is so earthy and organic and the structure is so solid”.