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FloraMax Flowering Enhancer


Produces strong and healthy floral blooms and protects against harsh grow room conditions. Flowering Enhancer contains a carefully balanced combination of potassium and phosphorus and is supplemented with calcium and iron chelate to combat harsh grow room conditions: 

  • Promotes vigorous floral blooms. 

  • Strengthens plant structure and foliage during heavy fruiting stages. 

  • With many nutrient brands, Flowering Enhancer avoids needing a ‘calmag’. 

  • Unlike regular PK additives, Flowering Enhancer helps lock pH below 6.5 by improving the nutrient’s pH buffering by over 500%. This prevents pH related deficiency symptoms, even when hard water or alkaline additives are used. 

  • Dosage 2ml/L (7.5 ml/Gal) | Available in: 1L // 5L 

pH problems are common during flowering and will negatively impact yields. ‘Flowering Enhancer’ will actually lock pH below 6.5 when growing in coco coir and soil, even when hard water or alkaline additives are used. This prevents a multitude of potential growth problems such as leaf leaf curl, stunted growth and withered fruit-set.

Note: in many cases other flowering additives will cause pH to rise well above 6.5, regardless of how good the water quality is.

“The size and weight of our fruits have been really impressive since using Flowering Enhancer.” “Our plants are now a lot stronger and more rigid throughout flowering.” “We use Flowering Enhancer with our regular nutrient and the improvement in pH stability and solubility was obvious from the outset. There is also no more leaf yellowing from early flower.”