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Dutchpro Take Root

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Take Root is a growth stimulant capable of radically improving the inner and outer qualities of young plants. The active components are of natural origin, including the plant hormones and micronutrients. During the first few weeks a plant is at its most vulnerable for fungi and bacteria related diseases. Often, because young plants have mineral, hormone and vitamine shortages.

Take Root contains several plant hormones and micronutrients, that boost the cellular division, cell elongation and nutrients transport, all of which help with overall root development during early vegetative growth. The high-quality components will completely be absorbed and leave no residue behind.


    • Stimulates extraordinary root growth
    • Improves cell division, cell elongation and nutrient transport
    • Increases nutrient absorption
    • Contains vital micronutrients and hormones
    • Suitable for every irrigation system
    • Optimal absorption by the plant
    • No residue

    Extra Information

    Boosting cellular division is of major importance, especially in the beginning of your young plant’s life. Because of cellular division, plants grow and become less vulnerable against bacteria - and fungi related diseases. The better this process goes, the stronger and healthier your plants will be all along the cyclus.

    Cell elongation on the other hand is the next step to make sure your plants will be strong and healthy to get a great end result. Transportation of nutrients is vital for a plant to grow strong and produce great yields at the end of the cyclus. With cell elongation, a protein called ‘Auxin’ loosens the cell wall, so the cell can elongate and absorb more nutrients.

    Take Root stimulates this process, so a cell can absorb at maximum capacity. The more nutrients a cell can absorb the faster your plants will grow and the healthier they will be!


    100 ml per 100 litres water (1:1000).