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Dutch Pro Cal Mag (1L)


Calcium and magnesium are two of the macro elements that are of major importance to the growth and development of plants. Deficiencies in either one of them will lead to a stuck in growth. Since magnesium and calcium are needed in a rich amount, especially under certain growing conditions calcium/magnesium deficiencies are not uncommon. To make sure that your plants will get the right amount of calcium and magnesium, Dutchpro formulated its own revolutionized calcium/magnesium with added nitrogen to balance out the extra need of nitrogen.

Calcium (Ca) is a key structural component of cell walls. As they are formed around every plant cell, calcium is of major importance to build up the cell wall. Furthermore, calcium is also part of many enzymes and it is important as a signaling molecule. Enzymes have many different functions as they speed up processes within the plant by thousands of times. They also help nutrients transport through cells. Calcium is an immobile element, meaning that once calcium is settled in the right place it won’t move again inside the plant. Because of this and the importance to cell division, the first calcium deficiencies are found around the root tips, shoots and young leaves. A calcium deficiency has a major impact on the growth and development of the plant and should be prevented at all costs.

Magnesium (Mg) is part of the chlorophyll molecule (C55H72MgN4O5), which makes up the green pigment of leaves and most importantly absorbs energy from sunlight which is used to create sugars. This means that a magnesium deficiency stops the photosynthetic process and therefore stops the creation of sugars and energy. Magnesium is also an activator of enzymes involved in the production and use of ATP. Due to the importance of magnesium a deficiency is devastating and will seriously harm your crop. Therefore always make sure you provide your plants with sufficient magnesium.

Nitrogen (N) is crucial to plant growth. Nitrogen is one of the most important building blocks in the creation of amino acids, which are transformed into enzymes (proteins). Without nitrogen there wouldn’t be enzymes and they are much needed as enzymes are always used in every process happening inside cells. However, another crucial function is that nitrogen is part of the chlorophyll molecule which gives leaves their green pigment and absorbs energy from sunlight to create sugars. A nitrogen deficiency slows down the growth and development of plants and should be avoided at all time.

Advantages Cal/Mag

-     Strong concentration

-     Free of heavy metals

-     Suitable for every irrigation system

-     Suitable for every substrate

No residue

0.1 - 1 ml per 1000 ml