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Advanced Nutrients Scorpion Juice (1L)

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Scorpion Juice acts as a vaccination for your plants by inducing systemic acquired resistance (SAR) in the plant cells. Once this mechanism is triggered, the plant quickly builds an immune response to a diverse variety of pathogens.

Your crops are in a war for survival, no matter how much control you exert over your agricultural environment. That's why Advanced Nutrients created a powerful weapon that strengthens your crop's defenses against harmful pathogens, stress, and drought. This weapon is Scorpion Juice. Scorpion Juice is a premier, exclusively-formulated product that turns on the immune system of plants and orchard trees so they are on alert to defend themselves against hostile conditions.

  •  Scorpion Juice cannot be compared any other products on the market; it contains a proprietary salicylic acid formula plus chitosan.
  •  Scorpion acts much like a vaccination by using intracellular signaling pathways to elicit immunity; salicylic acid is the ingredient that acts this way.
  •  Scorpion Juice also has chitosan that induces immunity via an extracellular pathway. This will doubly shock the plant into thinking that it is needing to bolster immunity.
  •  Scorpion Juice causes the plant to fortify itself, putting more energy into synthesis of defensive resins and phenylpropanoids (a natural defense role for volatile aromatic resins).