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Growing Tip Videos

Grow Room Set Up

In this episode, Southcoast Hydroponics of Portsmouth build a mammoth grow room, with a mother tent and a cloning tent, 3 different types of hydroponic system, the amazing e-pap and d-pap professional horticultural lighting systems and some interesting forms of adding Co2.

How to Increase  Yield Tips

Some quick tips here, with Matt from Southcoast Hydroponics in Portsmouth... Take root from Dutch Pro - Taking care of your plants' root system in the first two weeks of growing Great White Shark with Mycorrhizae, add this to your plants all the way through growth and bloom for improved plant health and vigorous growth.

How to Set Up the LUMii Black Kit

Want to know how to set up a LUMii BLACK Light Kit? Watch the video to find out how.  

DP90 Tent Set Up Instruction

In the following video Secret Jardin take us through the process of setting up a DP90 tent.