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FloraMax Cloner


Protective stem dip for cuttings prior to planting. Healthy cuttings and seedlings are essential if you eventually want large and flavorsome yields. You need to protect your investment during these early growth stages. FloraMax Cloner provides reliable treatment for the cut-end of clones (cuttings). Its specialized gel formulation:

  •  Has an indefinite shelf-life and is resistant to drying-out. 

  • Provides high resistance to cross contamination from cuttings. 

  • Available in: 60ml

Regular clone gel formulations have a strong tendency to go hard or foul. Cloner’s unique organic composition is highly stable and more readily adsorbed onto plant tissue so that the cutting is preserved throughout the pre-rooting period.

“The strike rate of our cuttings is so much better with Cloner compared with other gels we have used over the years”

“We now have far less problems with disease... Our growers are now much more confident with doing clones now that we have FloraMax Cloner and the Clone Spray”

“The Cloner is 100% stable in the bottle. Other brands go hard and rank after being used”