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FloraMax Clone Spray


Improves strike rate, rooting speed and vegetative growth in clones and seeds. Healthy cuttings and seedlings are essential if you eventually want large and flavorsome yields. FloraMax will protect your investment during these early growth stages: 

  • Prevents wilting of stems and leaves 

  • Promotes strong, healthy foliage 

  • Promotes vigorous root growth 

  • Helps prevent transplant shock and ensures transition-less growth through to late veg phase 

  • Dosage 25ml/L (25ml/Qrt) | Available in: 250ml

Clone Spray contains its own plant specific wetting agent. This increases Clone Spray’s capacity to penetrate foliage and maximize its effectiveness.

Achieving fast, seamless growth through the seedling (clone) and vegetative phases will greatly assist crop rotation speed. Clone Spray was developed specifically with this in mind – especially when growing under HID lights. Young plants, especially clone’s, have limited nutrient uptake ability due to their small foliage and root mass. Clone Spray overcomes this disadvantage. It accelerates early root and foliage growth via the delivery of essential nutrients and stimulants to leaf stomata. 

“THIS IS THE BEST PRODUCT I HAVE EVER RECEIVED FROM A HYDRO SHOP. Not only does it do exactly what it says but there are so many different benefits in using this product. From initial cuttings in clone blocks through to planting out, Floramax Clone Spray not only supports the plants during this entire period but improves them in their growth and health ratios.”

“Every rainy day and weird weather event here causes humidity variables that really impact the stability of the new cuttings. But now with Clone Spray I have at least a 90 percent success rate and after rooting the growth is even and progressive…..more importantly its absolutely trouble free, dependable and easy.”

“For daily use of small quantities, a mixed solution can be left in the bottle for anything up to 10 days with no deterioration in the solution”