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How Do I Prepare Pots for the Plants?

How Do I Prepare Pots for the Plants?

Getting rid of excess water

Too much water is not good. Plant roots don’t respond well to being submerged in water for long. A certain group of bacteria is very happy in water and most disease spreading bacteria are part of this group. So you want to prevent a lot of stagnant water in your substrate. A good atmosphere for roots is moist but not soaking wet. That’s why water needs to be able to pass through the soil in your pots and surplus waters needs to have a way out. We call this ‘drainage’. Make sure your pots have some drainage holes in the bottom. You can further improve drainage by adding a layer of 3 to 6 cm of Euro Pebbles, pottery shards or perlite on the bottom of the pot. This prevents the drainage holes from getting clogged with soil.


On top of the drainage layer comes a layer of fresh soil. This will be the substrate that you chose earlier. Don’t fill the pot all the way, because you’ll need room to cover up your plants. Repeat this for all the pots you won’t to fill. They’re now ready for their new occupants.


You can also make use of an automated potting system such as our AutoPot systems. These self regulating pot system take the job of watering effectively out of your hands through a sophisticated, gravity fed pressure system. We proudly endorse AutoPot and suggest you take a look at the products we stock and offer.

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