Nature 2 Nature CO2 Gererator Container 5Ltr

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Nature 2 Nature CO2 Gererator Container 5Ltr£80.00  £50.00



Firstly the main difference between The Dutch co2 Bucket and all others on the market is the ability to control the release of the co2 when and where you want it, store it when not in use with no loss of co2 production.

Other co2 bags produce co2 24 hours a day.....this is not right! In the dark period when your lights are off they want fresh air NOT co2, just google how plants work to see they want co2 when lights are on and oxygen ( fresh air ) when the light are off, this is how nature works and the only way to get the most out of your co2 producer, using bags that produce co2 constantly will actually slow your plant growth and flowering especially in 12 hour dark periods when they want to breath fresh air....not co2!

Also these co2 bags have a limited shelf life, from the moment they are made they start producing co2 which will start to decrease and I'm sure some of you will have bought these only to find they have a short life left. 

The Dutch co2 Bucket is totally different! 


  •  It will only start to produce co2 when the temperature is above 20 degrees C ( when lights are on ) so it can also be stored when not in use and no co2 will be produced, not possible with co2 bags!


  •  It works with an air pump supplied so it can be plugged into your lighting contactor so it only operates when your lights are on and your plants need to breath co2. Lights go off so does the pump and co2 production stops so your extract fans can bring fresh air into your grow room to give your plants the oxygen they need in the dark period.


  •  Each bucket has a 4 month life of producing co2, this is controlled by YOU!


  •  Refills are available at an affordable price.


  •  In a 1.2m x 2.4m grow tent / area 1 bucket will double the amount of co2 naturally found in the air, more buckets can be added if you want more,1 bucket for a single light 1.2m x 1.2m tent set up is ideal, again an extra bucket can added to increase it even more.


  • Co2 it 70% heavier than air so it is ideally hung up high near the light to gain the heat to activate the co2 production ( best furthest away from the extract fan/filter ) the outlet tube from the co2 bucket can be pointed directly downwards to your plants so the heavier co2 falls naturally down onto them, another tip is to add a small 6" fan below the pipe to push even distribution around your plants.


  • The Dutch co2 Bucket will dramatically increase vegative growth when used in propagation tents, it is best to put it on a timer 15 minutes on then 15 minutes off, fluorescent lighting is best used for seedlings / cuttings.

As the plants grow larger and the light level is increased the co2 bucket can be used all the time the lights are on.

  •  Adding co2 to your grow room also allows you to run your room at higher temperatures than normal, co2 thrives in synergy with your plants at temperatures around 30 degrees C which produces optimum plant growth.


  •  The Dutch co2 Bucket should stop being used 2 weeks before harvest to allow your plant to finish and mature naturally.